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Sugartooth Holiday Market Dessert Tour

_MG_5775Sundays at 2 PM  Thanksgiving- Christmas & by request
in the holiday spirit sipping hot chocolate, checking out the Macy’s holiday window displays and moseying down to the Union Square Holiday Market. Celebrate the holiday season in the Big Apple as you discover remarkable history of Herald & Union Squares, exploring the holiday market and eating tasty treats. Get lost in a market continue reading…

Find Heaven in Hell’s Kitchen Dessert Tour

_MG_4647Saturdays at 1 PM & by request

Discover some of the best sweets in New York City’s busiest neighborhood. Learn about this neighborhood’s past as well as the city’s interesting culinary history while trying some of the best sweets continue reading…

Bright Lights & Broadway Bites Dessert Tour

BwayTourSqSaturdays at 11 AM, Sundays at 1:30 PM year round & by request
Discover the stories behind the bright lights of Broadway, exploring Broadway history and theatre district secrets while tasting classic New York style desserts like cheesecake, egg creams, continue reading…

Sweeter Than Sugar Chelsea & West Village Dessert Tour

SugartoothEdit7Sundays at 4 PM year round & by request
Slow down your Sunday afternoon moseying through the quaint Chelsea neighborhood, into the Chelsea Market, down the High Line, to get your sugar fix in the meatpacking district continue reading…

Ice Cream Summer Sundays Frozen Treats Tour

icecreamSundays at 1 PM June-August & by request
Beat the heat with a cool treat this summer as we introduce you to the most delicious cold treats from uniquely flavored ice creams, artisanal gelato, frozen yogurt and more continue reading…


Village to Village Cupcake Crawl Across Manhattan

SugartoothEdit4Available by request
See what the New York cupcake craze is all about and discover for yourself the best cupcake in NYC. Bypass the big name chain bakeshops while we take you to the best cupcakeries continue reading..

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Future Foodies Dessert Tour for Kids & Families

Available by Request
Here is a perfect balance of sweets, education, and fun!Kids will love the chance to be creative, and adults love when the kids are having so much fun they don’t realize how much they are learning at the same time! continue reading…
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Sweeter Than Sugar Valentines Edition

SugartoothEdit2February 2017 Dates TBD
Make this Valentine’s season a treat to remember. Walk arm and arm through the quaint Chelsea neighborhood, down the high line sipping hot chocolate, and wind up in the West Village continue reading…